¿Quienes Somos?

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      1. My 9-year-old daughter has been in a Montessori scoohl since she was 3. When she was in first grade the scoohl changed owners, and it was not nearly as good as it had been. I still kept her in there for first, second and third grade. There were many teacher changes during this time period. During the last semester of third grade (last year), I really felt that the teacher was more like a babysitter, and that there was not very much teaching/learning going on. Because of this, I could not continue her in this scoohl. I also knew that she was behind in math, but was not quite sure how far behind she was. Since we have excellent public scoohls in our area, I put her in our local scoohl for 4th grade; she started in August. I tried many times to talk with the principal and teacher over the summer to see if we could get a plan to help transition her to a regular class, and to let them know that she needed extra help in math no one returned my calls. The first day of scoohl arrived, and let me tell you she could not have had a WORSE teacher for a former Montessori student very strict and very authoritative. My daughter was afraid of her, and in my daughter’s mind the teacher yelled all the time . It’s no wonder that in the last 7 weeks of scoohl she has slide down that slippery slope and is now failing math! I talked to her teacher 5 weeks ago to alert her to the fact that my kid was having allot of trouble with math. Teacher told me to work her multiplications with her, just wait, and all would be fine. It was not. 3 weeks ago I talked with the principal re: the same, and she told me to wait, that she had not been alerted by the teacher that my daughter was needing an intervention or remedial . She also asked me if I was thinking of retaining her!! WHAT?? My kid is doing 90+% in everything but math and you ask me if I want to retain her?? There were no services available from the scoohl or the scoohl district to help with her math. I started her with a tutor last week, but not in time: Teacher called me last week to tell me you daughter is FAILING math!! do YOU want to tell her, or do you want ME to tell her? !! I’ve had it with the public scoohl system or at least this distinguished scoohl recipient. This elementary scoohl is ranked #2 in our district, and I guess they thought I was a hysterical mom when I reached out to ask for help & a plan. I have found another Montessori and she has spent the last 2 days there it looks like she will be transferring over there ASAP. BTW once the principal heard my kid was possibly leaving the scoohl, she now claims that since my daughter excels in language arts it was difficult to believe that she would have so much trouble in math, so yeah, I guess they didn’t believe me. I know once my daughter has a caring and KIND teacher again that she will start to work hard to please herself and the teacher. But this foray into public scoohl has been a JOKE! They seem to just move the kids in & out on a conveyor belt never paying attention to see if there’s a problem (even when mom tries to solicite help). The new Montessori goes through Junior High, so I guess that’s the new plan. However, I blame much of this failed transition directly on the teacher my daughter should NEVER have been placed in her class, and if any administrator at the scoohl realized the concepts of a Montessori classroom perhaps this would not have happened.

  1. Me da muchisimo gusto saber que existen lugares como este, donde se respeta al niño y se le enseña el respeto a la naturaleza. Mi niña estuvo en un jardin de niños Montessori en Tijuana, al salir de el e ingresar a la escuela normal me di cuenta como su lucecita y su interes se iba apagando, asi que tome medidas drasticas: ahora educo a mis dos niñas en casa, son libres, siguen sus intereses y se toman el tiempo que ellas necesiten para aprender. Esos intereses nos han llevado a la permacultura y los “bosques de comida”, las energias renovables, reciclaje, y a una alimentacion mas sana y natural. Ahora les emociona el poder crecer su propia comida y trabajar la tierra, cuidar plantas, etc. Me interesaria poder visitar sus instalaciones, tienen algun tipo de programa o dias para visitantes?

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